I do not think it a major crisis as such in anyway; it’s always been this way and then they will get to that stage where they really expect me to make an announcement on a regular basis, that I am not a teenager who is still growing up but a 36 year old man that is cleverer than they are and that there will be trouble, especially when we can see they develop themselves up to this stage where they fundamentally expect others to do something moral, so they might run off and deploy it to make money because if we do walk down the streets what we will find is that every role performed by the Church is now being taken over by shops. Then we find them on Media telling tales of how the problem with me is that there is only one of me, which is utter nonsense as what they need do is get a copy of my Books to get involved and let alone my personal life, the personal life they think has now become some great big secret everybody is getting pleasure from figuring out as it were. The complain being that one moment I say so and the next I am giving away the books and blaming others when I do not get them sold – whereas the reality is that I am being punished by them for giving away the information considering it would save lives which it did by the way as well and the equities recovered on my websites are testament to it all together and I am determined to teach them lessons they will never forget as well along the lines of the fact even if I read my Books to them and did so all its details, they would still have t o buy it to get involved with me if they had not built a new life for themselves on Media that is all about abusively insulting me, there is nothing whatsoever which suggests there is only one of me in the world and when I say such things they will progress to all sorts of nonsense about how what I say does not lead to progress for me. I do not mind a lot either since I am not the one complaining at the Moment; it’s as I said before, that they do nothing else with their time save get money from Politicians to work on whether or not moral people have the right to have their jobs and income as a matter of social issues and of course the only thing that has not worked out the way I planned it like everything else we see them do which I manipulated them into doing, is the fact that Politicians love to give them that sort of money without considering the consequences. I hear something about my treatment of women being the problem which of course it isn’t; what really happens however being that people like to get into my personal space all the time and it is a Christian personal space while their community croons are still ripping up my chances of being organised enough to find jobs and keep them by running very violent lies all the time that is to come with feel good self seeking financial incentive for people who want to get rich through selling things by claiming it is what it is because I sleep with people wives when I do not actually fancy them much as a people anyway; but these other younger ones enjoy getting involved with it in order to improve their sexual activities using the feel good effects and it cannot possibly have progressed from a condition where I made it clear to their parents I don’t like people spicing up their sexual relationships with my life as it were; I am not therefore their alternative and it is either they are homosexual or they are not, either they are in a relationship with somebody or they are not and provoking me will see me break it up – nothing about that of which is unusual because they cling to me like that all the time and each time I feed them the facts of what they cling to so much considering extent of the damage they do here, what results is that I had taken away their joys of naivety and their freedom alongside and that if I am a 36 year old and not a teenager it is about time for me to move out of my space so others might have babies that will be like me in it and these are just some of the reasons they complain about me to the ever willing to listen because they never ever learn Politicians as it were. They do say I feel that way but my behaviour towards women that are older is unbecoming, which is utter nonsense; if I got involved with a Woman that is older while she was walking with her boyfriend on the Road, typical effect is that Boyfriend is quicker and she is keeping up and then she has to deal with me as well but cannot actually tell me I am going to have to masturbate or there will be bigger trouble etc because there is too much to do, so it becomes really embarrassing and naturally I am aware of that  but what happens with the really stupid ones is that they get involved with my Christian personal space, get some good feeling and attack me to please their boyfriend and I am not their alternative either.  The ones at Court are different in the sense that Industry idiots are always playing games and half the time I am doing jobs that a racist should have been doing in order to make them happier and less violent when they get what they want and if I go round that insanity and have it sorted out, we will find them with friends from Africa and a new problem for me as well and if I had done that too we will again find them among the whites on my account simply because that was an idea and it was possible to do so – hence it gets to a point where I decide they can only take so much biscuit and they decide Women are the points I cannot be seen daring to go because it is always complicated with them and I will be stuck and it varies wildly, right up to the ones that have a relationship with me because there is too much insults and talk out there to suggest that they do – it’s a whole world of difference from somebody grooming up a female idiot and displaying here all over my Court on Media.

It has occurred to me many times that I need to get Industry people off my Royal brand and back to their brand vagabond ways of making money with the US at the helm and with the number of times these idiots make my life out to be some secret they figure out and rip up my income to do so and own it – hitting that their stupid money has become the most apparent parameter, it is also the reason I cut up that sense I am supposed to get stuck on the right dealing with some pain, so they might have conveniences to get freedom and fame and importance as well – I consider it an insult too far. Of course they desire nothing else but somebody that will hurt and teach me lessons whenever they handle my possessions and which to make it their own, otherwise we are all adults and busy with something else other than violence as it were and stories of what I cannot back up usually plays out until we meet and I have them where I want them and start to enjoy observing them fight for their lives as we speak. as for their Politicians, we will never know what their rosy relationship with those who are insane in terms of fighting young people on Money issues and economic success is all about but we have now settled up on the fact they can make all the faces they want, each time these idiots make war on me, so will I make one on them too and in this way will I magnify prognosis pleasures associated with having new Countries that exist only in their head, which is all about ripping up my income while their jobs and salaries are iron clad secure. Same old story at the Monarchy too i.e. nasty goon wants to get close to The Queen and build wealth to dizzying heights, so he sets me out as his tool and when he is done pillaging my finances with the help of white girls at Popular culture and its media, revolving door simply suggests that the blacks are up next, on and on and on.

We hear of course that my Court is dangerously run the way the French Royal Court was; which is not actually true – the truth is that there are only two types of Court and one of them is the Office for trading while the other is the Office Royal and the people in it are such individuals as I can completely rely on, knowing that my income will not disappear in their hands but in the worst case scenario they will have failed at making me any after trying; the rest are celebrity leaning on it to make riches and fame, which they then deploy to destroy it which makes them feel as though they bend rules to get by and so on; we also know they are so superior that the worst that can happen is that somebody turns up to tell me to behave if it gets on my nerves but above all the level of disrespect is such that they regularly get groomed by media idiots and deployed on National television in simulated versions of my Court, so I might lose everything to notice them; the reason is that pity factor where they cannot hold themselves together without breaking down in tears but what we have here is that they have established link between ripping up my earnings to bully me and pulling themselves together, so those who helped them with it generally love to come up with their own versions of truth and reality for it on Media everyday thereof as well. It was only a matter of time before their incessant involvement established enough contact to ensure I can get hold of them and make them fix the damage for every single occasion they have made fame and fortune in this way too and that is what is happening here. As for being careful how I address people for they might be allied to the Queen: I am not just a Prince, I am an Arch Prince – not just The Queen ally, her Arch Prince and she is my mother and so people can continue to assume there will be no trouble associated with showing up in public places especially public transport to attack me and call up a crowd as it were; I can only be helpful. Just as it is said I do not think celebrities are important whereas there aren’t any other group of people so keen to ensure business establishments are unable to employ me on account they have money to spend on products; the problem is that the only thing missing in their lives of immorality and fame and fortune and public exhibitionism is that they are not gods already and the only thing missing from my half priest, pray and read the Bible and intervene when you see injustice existence is that I do not step out of my door in priestly uniform – apart from which it is obvious when the good ones plead with magazine people not to take pictures on my public life but magazine people decide otherwise every time, the result will be examples like when I see them in shops and it helps to sell the products in it so their bottoms might hurt as well, the really ugly and even celebrities and magazine makers alike wanting some of mine and getting it, the moral celebrities getting involved with me when it is not advised i.e. I get my inheritance, look after it and expect Politicians to spend it to run the Country while I earn a living where I should on the other hand and celebrities have their own lives and existence. It does not mean I want nothing to do with Celebrities, Celebrities in my world are a few people that make up a creative Community at the Royal Estate Court systems, who have decided to change their old live and live in mine for the future; so it should not mean an inability to get my Books sold to those who need it and of course when I react to the problems created by those who foster this condition what they would believe is that I am not indulging them too; if I do not have an absolutely personal relationship with a celebrity, it is always better they let me be for my part as well – I have written Books and Celebrities do have too much Money to afford them all together anyway; the factors that determine what I do is that all celebrities at Court have a role and the roles are not infinite and what I can carry question means I want to do less and less and less every single time I have a choice.