"Celebrity culture" I can understand when people say that. I however do not consider these people to be Celebrities. If you have a party with these ones they will vandalise all your prized wines and turn the whole things into a pie fight making a mess of your guests. When you look at a celebrity it should be easy for your child to see that they should not be slurping their food and ought to sit up straight, these ones are not it. I mean if I conducted an exercise where I made sure no matter what millions they have they will always only have the money, with real celebrities it would never work, these are not it.

then they will say it is my fault and it is not my fault in anyway whatsoever, I mean I am a Christian, at some point I used to activity engage in teaching people about the Bible, so I know if you are inspired by something and do not share it the next one coming will likely create a problem for you. They know this too and it is the reason they get inspired by people then back track and stuff it all back into those people with fascisms and lies they get together to believe, then peddle their matrimony to get rich; I do wonder how they became famous anyway and then it appear all the time X factor etc. Celebrities do not use peoples things and then make contact with them to stifle their imagination in order to ensure they are the only ones that have it, what celebrities do is tell people to stay off their fame and their contracts and their film roles etc and if you don’t they will be horrid too which you will find really difficult to deal with. So for these goons what I do is ensure I can reach them whenever I want; to tell them what ever I like, from stay off getting inspired by my work to don’t use my property etc, no matter who they are or how much money they have, I must always be able to reach them anywhere they are.

It has nothing to do with my Court; where my court is concerned is the part about the sexual desires of older men. The bit where because somebody wants to sleep around with lasses, I have no right to a job, of which no body can make out the connection especially myself. Then when you have all these things with female reporters but cannot get any copy of your books sold it takes another dimension all together bearing in mind the younger ones turn up with their games some were meant to fight for freedom and others to get rich and we will share later, bring that your matrimony so somebody can peddle it to get rich and if not we will take it by force and then my absolute favourite, playing the generation gap whenever they see a foot set down themselves to peddle you to get rich offer themselves as seekers of fame and then wreck your finances and your life to ensure you live in a way which sees to it that sales of CDs stay up of which I have no chances whatsoever of being offended by, which is how all these idiots get to reach me bearing in mind if they couldn’t none of my things would be going wrong financially and even academically and so these things would be successfully shut out of my mind no matter how much I were attacked so there would be no problems anywhere at all.

Then they tell me I attack people without reason which is utter rubbish too because the reason I do it is that whenever I sit down and look at myself and it is impossible for me to say my wife is mine and I belong to my wife I fire one in their direction. I mean I hear the Prime minister plays their ball these days and I am miffed as it were. Now they can have a swell time doing all the things I need to be doing to sell my books since I now have no privacy to sell something else instead and get rich, no matter how stupid it might be and I too am having my fun bearing in mind all I should be doing with my personal life when I meet people is being done in public for them to get connected with and they cannot see they should show respect for it.

Of course they tell me it is a sign of extreme selfishness but it is not. It is about how people want to have some of what somebody else does have in a way in which they will not have it anymore when they do and the usual reason is that they are e member of the inferior race. So when they are white, no matter how hard I try they will ensure every bit of it has something to do with their culture, when they are black I must never do anything which results in a condition where black people fight against racism, unless I am one of their really think kids. Hence this drive we seem to have for the war that will end all corruption thing we have going as it were and I have taken steps to ensure it will end up in Court so the Judge can read a part of the law which says they need to stop being themselves.

I mean I can never study, I can never eat, I can never sleep because somebody else has seen me serve God into my sleep and is always blocking me and blocking my view to any of these things; which when it began had more to do with how I am free to do what I like but they are sanctioned by an unfair law and so had the law changed by a socialist party. I mean I cannot even look at my products and think they are okay because I am an ideas machine by circumstance which has taken over all of my life too, the reason they say is that they want to have sex with me and now the issue is that I need to think about it and work out how I must find them and give them that sex and it is this kind of insults they pick up on every time they see me which makes me tired all the time so that they can claim I am a Pornographer which each time they do results in a condition where it is that their stupid multiculturalism that winds me up. I always say they think they are evil so they chase me around to get powerful. I always find it funny as well because it is unfathomably stupid. Who ever comes up with them things must be really think but every specific moment of insult and time frame taken up by insults from them however has a name and it is the name of the top Politician they support.