Now those stories about whether or not what is happening to me is racism is one of those I never want to hear. The problem is that they have found somebody on whose job they can create the perception which hides the fact that this is a city and that before Christ and after Christ people in a city have always been unfathomable wicked people. They think that it hides the fact the only reason the attack me is because I serve God to well that there are no compromises for them and feel that it has done this so well they can push racism on me whenever they want. The natural idea is that I am bound and gagged by modernisation but when I tear that apart which it seems I will again they will get all over the place. The Politicians of which were supposed to ensure they lead those who follow them have been rather making sure I cannot loose them in a couple days or weeks or years so they can give them power over my life and make noise about it all the time and then when it makes them worse off make noise about how it is my problem again all the time.

The issue here is that it is not their lives, they feel that they have made me so disaffected and so confused that I don’t know when people like me anymore; such that I cannot tell that if a person loves me she will never do that seniority celebrity thing at me and that my admirers really are always caught between taking advantage of me and not and so for most of the time it is important not to bother them with it. unlike they who must scream rubbish over me to get rich and famous on my work and then get on Television to make their stupid children more special and more healthy and tell me they want to beat me up so I can feel like beating that stolen health out of them too.

The truth is that when somebody loves me they will never do the grown up celebrity thing at me and so all that rubbish about how it is impossible for me to find a wife is really not founded on fact, although they think they have got me to the point where I make space in my life for their problems while they tuck theirs away safely somewhere and make sure no body gets to mention that they too have a life of their own and for this that the importance of the fact that I am not giving back that stupid left too by the way as it were must be seen. There is no such thing as me falling for their teases by which they get to feel discriminative and powerful and healthier than I am and the warning here is that they keep their racism rubbish out of my life or else I will do them again.

I do not think it is that great a problem for me; like when they think my job is a plaything clearly it is celebrity culture that makes them a handful and I have therefore got my license as well, when they think they can attack me and make what I react to, to be racism and other society problems and enjoy powers of their bullying, what makes them prickly is the media and I have got my license as well and then there is my absolute favourite which is about how they must always feel more special than others by using discrimination to be more healthy than them and this is the one with those their stupid threats and media vandalism that will get them into bigger trouble than they can handle.

It is not their own lives here and this is what they cannot understand, I have no idea how I must make it clear to them, before they think that when I hurt them for these things it will mean I had no right to. This is not the way it will turn out at all. I mean what is the news these days at media village and I am not talking about my work all the time and the process by which access to it can make any news important, with idiots getting on media to abuse me all the time.

Next they build up their perceptions and create the things that result in a condition where I am always being told by members of the establishment not to be such a wimp of which I am not. For it is easier to serve no matter what you are asked to do than it is to be a fool no matter how easy it is. So contrary to waning support for the Armed forces when I am cold and tired and of course every time I finish one and am I am not dead, I have become the means by which what I have done can be undone so I must move to something else and it is such times I should have money for a holiday but each time you take out time to make sure that whether or not it becomes easy for people to insult you when they appear on media or any public places for that matter to extract energy and feel special etc, that they don’t get to do it bearing in mind it is always before them and really easy to, they think you are serving them instead so like they bend your life into the places where they can discriminate and feel healthier and therefore superior, or indeed bringing their lower class competition here to realise the Queen runs a strict regime and that if you don’t make the cut and try to get it the Crown will become your worst enemy and there is no such thing as having things because you were born to have them like Politicians make noise about, but set out to compete with public media intrusion anyway and get America to come up with stories which ensure others cannot defend themselves, then think when I say something about rented accommodation security operatives and their lack of respect for other peoples career, that is the end, when it is just the beginning of the time for revenge.  I am meant to wake everyday to pick up from where I stopped the previous day and work out what I must do here without expecting information or insolent intrusive and distractive power instruction more from anybody and I will hit them until that is the case.

All the unco-operative and proud of being stubborn and destructive Politicians know is what they are going to get out of in order to be better off or get into in order to be better off either way. all their fools especially on media know is which women will be first to be drawn and referring to a member of my Court of which is always the most provocative load of rubbish ever, bearing in mind the real problem is that each time you say human beings and human beings, you are pushed down too far into it, so you can never say other things like “but some people are slum gang underworld shit”, hence you can now be taken advantage of as well because every time you come across people, human beings and human beings not slum gang under world shit and so you loose all the time. This is what I will take steps to ensure does not affect the economy any further in the new year. As for their Politicians; they say we will be better off outside of Europe but they have not given us details of what the socialists did with our information at the civil service or indeed how they managed the affairs of the tax payer at the city which would measure how much they are doing something about it yet, now that they have already told us about plans they have to go to the City to get rich, which does not take into account in anyway whatsoever the manufacturing sector in which Europe would be better off without the UK  as well. All they know of which is to disrupt and destroy people's jobs.

I am not in any kind of trouble and am not in any kind of difficulty as such. The only thing there is to that is that those who stand to benefit the most from my work sit back and do nothing as usual, then they refuse to buy my books as well so they might never help or support me at the job and rather prefer bidding their time and waiting for somebody else to do what I do for a living, so they can follow that instead (making as many stupid claims to as many people they meet as they can which suggests that they have facts and information on me which enables them to control me and my writing career but it is an old story that sees them say something to the entire world and turn out to seek something greater than everything I do which I always find together with their western insults to be really abusive), especially because they always want to and or tend to turn up at my business with the latest I phone, latest I pod, latest computers and latest designers to vandalise my work and property to have more and more and show off as it is never ever enough. It is not to say and does not therefore mean that my Business is in any kind of risk or indeed my property and or finances.

For the big privileged businesses and their Politicians of which the main issue is that while the rest of us see the wrong kind of women as something you should only hear about through stories that other peoples tell be those fact or not, they secure other peoples business for sacrifice to please such women and unleash them on others to gather more wealth for them and generally see it as some kind of unaffordable luxury for others. Now they want to own my Equities and Securities and tell people they have sought legal advice about the things I have done since they last got on media to strip my business and extract those to add to theirs and get rich and that there is nothing they can do about me for now, while can only be aware that those markets equities securities and customer loyalty and book sales could only have been the property of their stupid businesses in their dreams.