The guy who likes to fantasise about having millions and thinks those who use his life to get rich should be giving the money back. These are the kind of things that lead to a process where I brainwash them with all I have all the time too, so that when it ends up in Court and the judge says they cannot do it any more, it will mean the law is sanctioning them from being themselves forever. It is always the last thing I want; those their insolent girls turning up to show how healthy they are and how much of my money they have gobbled up when I am trying to work or somewhere at my academic work, their favourite being that spot where me and my products in hand have access to millions of people getting by in the city I can speak to and offer my products too, to make music and get rich. I have no idea how many times I have to tell them the part that had to do with their fun had expired. I mean they tell me it is the biggest they have ever seen and it will be the last too as far as I am concerned. So the process of making sure that every aspect of my life is in some way tangled up in their culture and society so that does not happen is apt too, considering their Political sacred cows do nothing with their time but pass insults at my direction which operate in ways which ensure men are holding me down to collect things from me for them to make their history and career with and hence all about sharing the perks of my job and doing what i can do as well with no financial benefits from me-the underside of treachery when I have had nothing to do with them in the first place, because the process of getting involved with a gang has failed and it will never go away.

I am a book writer and book seller and people ought to get things they want from me buy buying the books not starting off and then complaining about actions that will result in a condition where they do a bad thing to get tax payers money given to them as prerogatives; when they ruin my millions I will have revenge, it is conventional, that is what I am supposed to to. So of course they claim they have never seen one as big as me and it will be the last they will ever see too. I can understand for this reason they are making sure every aspect of my energies has something to do with their daily lives and societies and cultures so that such a thing might never happen which is also apt, it is the reason I have taken time out to brainwash them so when it ends up in Court and they loose the law will tell them to cease to be themselves. For now their Politicians who thought it was fun to cancel out all I do to defend myself because they want people whose energies they can move into in order to feel glorious, hence wreck their lives to extract and expect them to achieve much for such reasons so that they can, as if I am incapable of hurting anybody, can complain but I have not been able to breathe properly for the last ten years and it makes me wonder who the hell they think they are.

 The real problem these people really have is like I have said it in other ways, the fact my books are written with errors and I have done work to ensure those are tolerable to the customers or rather their problem is with the idea of me in a city with my books, lots of people getting around to their business and me trying to sell it to some of them and that is all there is, the only means they want to get rich and I too will sacrifice as many as possible on the alter of money to ensure I save myself the least possible skin pain for it. Just like that their big mouth about how beating me will mean having what they have never had aka beating a royal. All it really means to mention it too on the other hand is a simple case of stating facts which set out what will happen when these plans people have of making sure I do not exist unless I exist as an idiot ruins my life and they too like to talk rubbish about affecting my benefits which I have warned them it will mean I have nothing to loose and they can go ahead if they want.

 Now I need them to bring the energy.They are supposed to be the big guys that grab money and property from kids for the sacred Cows especially obsessive ones in the Political arena and so when those they have done it to try to adapt or protect themselves, they have only created a condition where they are simply taking their entitlement and some kid if becoming head strong which means they are being tempted to do something horrible bearing in mind their size and muscles. So I need this energy now. 

 I do not think their decisions and policies are a problem for me as such, its just a collection of middle aged political men doing as much as is in their power to please attention seeking bullies and they believe they should do anything these bullies tell them because I should be made to move left of them whenever I come to them to grovel and ask them to make policies the other way round which they think does not give me a splitting headache for my part and therefore tend to suppose all the time it is what I am doing when it is not. So they like to make those Policies and take a look at my face to see what changes in expression there have been and I am always so irritated by it I give them these changes in expression as painfully as possible.