It appears to be a very popular story that I turn up around places I am not needed but it is rather so difficult to work out how a group of fools would think that they appreciate the importance of not doing so than a Christian who needs his Christian living anyway. That said the reality remains that they have spent more than a decade of my time crying tears of the devil along with their mothers to get Politicians to make me ugly and extricate my Christian personal life as the new modern existence they need on the left hand side and are confident I have not had enough of them and will be very likely to tolerate a condition where they have it anyway after all these time; so we are seeing stories about how what I say and do provokes them to add to my provocation that came a s result of stopping it. It’s all blasphemous and I do not care whether or not the explanation for this behaviour is modernity and this is the primary reason they cannot get it from me in hell.

It said I underestimate women of course which is not true; the reality is that they feel they can mess with me if their parents are fabulously wealthy or if they are just superior, so for the older ones I had to ensure they understand they would not be wearing the boots in a relationship with me and for the younger ones it had to be clear to their men the world is much more than their overconfidence and their threats but for them it had to be clear there wasn’t a place in the world where they could mess with me and get away with it; so this is all there is left besides the part where I am insulted to desperation and then attacked for looking flustered thereby stealing women’s beauty i.e. some women are so worthless they justify murders and so on and it is just the way it is but the ones that can turn my entire empire into something about the problems of women to sit around abusing me to sell beauty products need to have their problem settled. They do say they put their women up to do things because of what British women do but that remains to be seen after all they are badly behaved and it is profitable until they have to deal with women that are really good at breaking up relationships and hence really enjoy forging one with them so it can be broken up and so on; what I am saying is that there are no British women offending them, what happens is that they touch people and make money doing so to encourage others to and some British women owning spars and relaxation centres for instance are going to end up in relationships with them that are broken up as well and each time they find their level that way like to think they are used to doing whatever they like. The great idea is that I am likely to see it their way but that is never the truth or reality; which is rather that some might be violent and I have to deal with it but these idiots are just useless, they made their fame and fortune abusing me and will not leave because I am a bug they can squash, now they will squash nothing and are not leaving either so we can find out – I do not like them in anyway; the longer they stay is the more damage they do, especially the African and black American ones with a need to hunt peoples private parts when they are done with violent disobedience of insurmountable deviance, so it always means their debts mount as well and they will pay too. So am I aware this is the primary mode of power expression used by tyrants? Of course I am and that is the point, they are not squashing any bugs and are not going home so we can find out.

They do these things all the time as such to a point where they push people into hysteria and the cloths you wear have no meaning and then start to pretend they have forgotten they did such a thing until you remind them. It is said that I have no respect for people’s views of course which is utter nonsense – they have no views, what they have is ways of provoking people and working out how to maintain their disobedience to a point of power that means others are disobedient and not them – I always say I don’t want to see that culture and society otherwise I will cut it up and they had better let me when they bring it around so I don’t cut them up as well; if we were living in medieval times the kids will be the baby witchcraft and the evil parents that raise evil children that chase your anus and penis the same way their parents do and link it with self development and academic excellence and progress would be the big ones. They do like to speak of war but cannot stand me when I write books, so they want to stand me when I chase their anus and penis with a gun in my hand all together. The war thing is a wholly different ball game all together and they are talking nonsense.

The Politicians speak of my servitude of rich people of course which is utter nonsense; they are the ones that realise there are enough worthless people in the world who wouldn’t want anybody to be disappointed as to whether or not they exist but are happy to stand up at government office and claim my company really does not exist; now they have to deal with the ones that have money to spend they claim I am the one doing servitude. It’s all normal stuff, they will make the music CDs by abusing and being cynical at the religion to a point where they hate it and attack the personal life and finances of those who practice it but when done they will make the Music CD on the basis of what the religion has achieved anyway, so in order to ensure they do not get about the religion in the end anyway which is an evil that has no name as well, there is a need to do the same things with their fame and popular culture as this is not their own lives or where indeed they live as it were.