I am not against the US holding everybody to account on the way they dispatch their jobs like it is claimed I am. The fact of the matter is simply that first of all some of them are just completely off key: making sense of what they say is like the old stuff about my firm, where I sell books I write and the books contain equities from my commission and property but when they get off, all their time is to be spent on a process of telling me how to write the books and what I should write in the books, when I have already written the books and therefore need to get on with the work, so I just have to ignore them completely. The part that causes problems is the other one where I assess a job and figure what it will cost me, set out the cost, spend that amount and move on to complete it, all of a sudden to realise they have been telling me how to do it a lot without my knowledge and therefore they are not in a place where the job is not being done to their satisfaction because there isn’t a second opinion or a scrutiny, which later applies that I have been told to do what I already know how to do and they have seen me do before and they are now suggesting I need to loose my job because I am irrelevant on account they have gotten used to doing so. Hence the idea that like them you can go into office and do a job in peace does not exist. I am not saying that the US should not hold everybody accountable for their actions but as holding people accountable goes this is not it.

As for the idea I am a coward; it is the old stuff, fight and live and you are a coward, fight and die and you are an idiot. In school they would not dare in hell, in the real world it is on with a big mouth and that stupid media. I am not deranged either for my part; these idiots just have the masochistic idea of bullying me as a basic form of existence and they are surreptitiously hoping that I will get used to it so they can live in that way for good and raise their children to as well; no body knows what monumental idiot would think such a thing can be applicable to other peoples royal princes and stuff. The one that winds me up the most is the notion there are some bullying that are too small for me to take to heart and the question really is how on earth they know that when it is actually really happening to me and not them.

There is always a kind of bullying they have worked out is acceptable; some to do with being in a team and refusing to cooperate when I have never been in a team with them for example, others even to do with my own initiative and what my faith requires me to do and what they do to me when I do not carry them out and more so at a time they think is best and so on; listening to criticism, listening to opinions etc eventually get to mean you have no clue that you are being bullied. All I am saying is that once the bullying stops from the most flimsy of them on that stupid media which are really insolent, to the ones that have a completely different explanation to the world of what my job really is about and others that have to do with acceptable defamations that Politicians are happy with, we will live in normalcy, otherwise I will hold out and they will have only the jobs and the salaries which are the only things that create the difference between them and myself with regards to being older than I am and when they had made the mistake of loosing that, it will become another story as well. So it is all good to cover their tracks with the lives of the children but it can only also mean I have more of such activities to perform too.

At this point the next stage will have more to do with rich people, especially rich Americans I try to tag along with but obviously if they stay off my equities as it is impossible to get a single copy of my books sold in anyway when those questions exist, everywhere, Political and around the Monarchy when they commandeer to spread stories it belongs to them and there is no such thing of course as making the monarchy irrelevant by the way I work – for that in the first five years it was about complications I was required to deal with and after that it was about people wrecking my academic work for their personal gratifications and after that it was about a working name that applied to the parameters I operated with and books being written and sold. I mean when you say bullying; there are just some being carried out, which no normal person would envisage a human being would think of crafting with so much positive thought about expecting results, that should be due, that they believe it is acceptable as a matter of their right to do so.

I mean when you think of Politicians and you are asked to define what Politician are; you are compelled to define Politicians as people who do and lay the ground work for the media to practice acceptable defamation. There is no such thing as suppositions that others do not deserve to be loved; they have damaged my business, set themselves up with a reputation that is good at manipulating my feelings, mocking me, insulting abusing and dominating me and now they will deploy every single possible means to ensure that there are two of everything I have and or everything I am given, one going to them and the other to me and need to leave me alone, otherwise I will not let them have what they had to start with in the first place. There is worse too i.e. if a racist discovers such things are possible but they will expect you to oblige as well because they are superior. I just want them to leave me alone and nothing else; their work around me is bad for everything especially academic work.

It has now come to the point where I am unable to trust my instincts in my own profession these days; I know all I need to know about everything but cannot do client management or client handling, while their girls are using that space as well. So I will take it all away and write books with it and they can come get it if they want as well. I mean the general idea is that if it does not look that way they can never give it a rest; they will wreck their lives and get the deficit from mine until it does; others can have what explanations they wish for the popular cultures if they want as far as I am concerned.  What I am saying is exactly what they have heard; I find it impossible to live with their Popular cultures – I mean its a culture, its purpose is self preservation, it is to be kept secrete so most people do not access or damage it because every slight change in fundamentalisms is likely to and here we have it as well; the purpose of wrecking their lives to get the deficit from me until I am no longer able to trust myself or my instincts in my own job and work of life is because the culture is also popular.

Do I believe that the culture has the right to be popular? Of course not; I am a Christian and now I must make an exception for people who want to create the idea I am one side of the story and they are the other; its entire purpose is provocation and blasphemy and it is not clear why they cannot live in their own lives. I do not believe it has the right to be popular. Apparently it seems the ultimate deduction is that the church offers sanctuary for evil people at culture to sit around and plan how to attack others but obviously the idiots started this entire conversation with those insolent claims they are women and I am responsible for everything, on grounds that I am a coward.

The church does not actually do it as such they are simply scared and evil; they will say and do anything to get the usual reaction they want from a bully victim obviously and I will not allow any alternative argument to dissuade me from what I must do to defend myself as well. Then again with the fantasies of their Politicians this is what they say my books are about; a senseless record of things that have been done to me to slow me down and ensure that evil takes precedence but it really isn’t. I just used the bit where I find it impossible to live with their popular cultures as a means of expressing how far I would go which expresses the fact such things mean nothing to me and that I would like them to keep their popular cultures out of my life. In the end it boils down to the things I do to deserve the bullying and that has more to do with an inability to allow the fame and fortune quest for sex and youth to carry on around me; the reason is that the fools that practice it transcend youth because they fantasise and think about such things so intensely and for so long, the part where they think about sodomising me being the one that has created the means for the bullying which they use on racists, get murdered and attribute the deaths to me as well and of course for being sodomised and having some masochism practiced on you, you have to allow it by consent which makes it such a high and intense level of excused abuse they get up everyday to extract a reaction from me for which I give them only when I am bored with high consequences attached so they can tell the politicians to change the fortunes and I can do the Politicians as well and earn a condition of heightened state of affairs around me. So they transcend youth and that is how they claim the history of my life for themselves if they are ambitious for the sake of it and can do anything they like with my life and career and earnings as well; every single thing I don’t want them to do with it or on it. So I actually do not tolerate the right of those things to have the fame as well and it should only operate in the lives of those who tolerate it too; I mean if they have either the money or the time for it, then it should express some kind of luxury cultural item and that is the end of it, if it means people oppress me, I kick them again.

They say in this I am an advocate of social inequality but that is to be seen anyway because when they want to bully people and cannot, they must deploy civil service and apparatus of state to make it happen as the person is not allowed to as a factor of his type to be better than they are. So it becomes a democratically inconvenient activity and they claim the fact I am a Christian also means they will get enough good from my life to enjoy those pleasures without problems and last I checked sadomasochism was something people consented to, which makes it an intense level of abuse I will have them for as well and they can get the kids involved too if they want, so I can get my hands on those too. For now they can enjoy the jobs and salaries as it were and try not to loose those too.

I am not afraid of racism as such; I mean racists are running around like loose cannons at the moment because no body is taking up their lives and using it to get rich, it is not a new story. As for the blacks we all know its about how I remove food from the mouths of children and their fathers who are stronger than I am will do the same, so they are already around me destroying absolutely anything they can with their women abusing me sexually to get a reaction. The rest we all know love to wreck my finances and get up somewhere to establish a system that is abusive and insulting towards me and works along the prognosis of the existing two of all I own and all anybody gives me where by they have one and I have the other or sometimes have the only one  that there is and as such cannot get off that stupid media where they cannot get help from racist and cannot do it themselves but will not give up. The pop stars on the other hand want to be rich and famous with my work and at the same time make sure I am a shrewd with them in control of my personal life feeling glorious, so the concept of my subjects in the industry is something they cannot understand but think they will do something to change as well, which is an old story with a big mouth because they cannot let other be with their fame, sex and youth rubbish.