There is that story of how politicians get their heads around my crime management policy I have placed out to work with the public and civil service with but of course I have always been more comprehensive with what I say than they have given it credit for – since it is clear as it were that if you have 20 criminals in a cell, then it is most likely at the bottom line least, that you have 40 personalities and individuals in that space – two each evenly distributed and it can always get worse than that. As for the media and the idea I am turning them into criminals as well, the reality is that they are at it every day and have been so for the last decade, first it had to do with the fact if they cannot get rid of my Christian faith cleanse me of it through suffering because they do not believe in it and cannot stay out of my personal life at the same time and then it progressed to the one about beating elitism and social inequality - I mean how much suffering for a person and in this case a person that has to divide his life between himself and the State exactly, so that his state of mind might determine his quality of life no matter what he owns or has and his state of mind can therefore be manipulated to reduce it; it is never over until I say so, besides which I am not the one that brings up the story of my nickname in the business world and how somebody deserves such things because he turned up from nowhere to beat my record, after bringing up a conversation on the matter. Let them fight and win, it is never over until I had said so and will get worse too by all means – they will hear from me as well when they are finished. There are no media challenges of any kind whatsoever, the reality is that I need to shut down any business that may concern them and need to keep Politicians and Business and Industry idiots out of my literary empire, so that I can live like I am not a poor man and should not be doing some of the things I am doing at the moment and hence be my real self like they love to claim I need to do so they can have prestige. They never listen and those their idiots as well feel like mocking me on Television over having access to my books and therefore my income and it comes with really violent insults too and the co-operation they secure is made up and the threats are applied anyway, all of which is funny and so the game of gangs stuff with people is funny like that but I can still remember when they took their GCSEs and stuff, so I am not too worried as it were but this is the last straw anyway; they can borrow it all they want but it will never be their own – I want them off my Royal Property and the public work and the books and I want them out of my life too, no such thing will ever apply here with that big mouth of being linked to a high authority in order to keep it for themselves. The business ones in particular and the media want me to take actions that will cause the Prime Minister to get involved because of course we know all that rubbish about connections with my parents who allow them use peoples children and the fact they cannot exist if they do not use other peoples men and other peoples women to do things as it were and that really provocative talk of how they get the better of me all of the time when there is no point at which such a thing ever happened and I believe there is enough of me and my work in public which shows I cannot tolerate the sight of them on a global scale as well anyway, is meant to have achieved such a thing. I mean what kind of idiot a person has to be in order to plan an enterprise around another person’s purse; I mean you can find anything in there from poison to condoms but they have no limits and think they are greedy and evil and like money very much and the insults of their stupid children on media will most definitely mean I put some in them too. For now it is a case of building a business and setting out products while the purpose of economic text books is for them to find out what they need to do to manipulate the consumers choice around my products and use it to get rich and so the reality of another set of foolishness is that of exacting equities from my income like they can give to the frugal which they do on a daily basis and at will and as insolently as possible as well and it has come to a real issue over when I withdraw my equities from their businesses and what those equities are worth today and I bet I will if I chase it up rip up the entire British economy which is why I think once they get me started the Prime Minister will have to get involved at a stage. For now that culture has disappeared and I am not giving back, which is same with that stupid society – I play with these things the same way they play with me as though we were equals and so on, especially the part where they need to be able to become the power that controls me and more so because they know where my books are and how to get around the finances too and I am not giving it back and do not wish to see any replacements, if they want the old ones they can come around here and get that too as it were and they will disappear as well. It is never my opinion the Royal family is an evil thing; it is an enslave or be enslaved world and this is just my own for the time being; I don’t know them – media to Politicians to Industries and businesses and they need to stay away from my company and get off my royal property not talk nonsense about being famous when none of their own money went into it, get off my books and my public work and stay the hell out, most certainly not talk nonsense about how I may have been acting to prevent inequalities because they have become that stupid as well, certainly therefore what I would have been doing like they can give to the frugal as it were.  They are not famous; famous my arse, they can borrow like they know where it is and borrow all the time but it never was and will never be theirs and as I said, they need to stay off my Royal property and my public work and my books if they do not want some of my own as well – whoever on earth told them they were famous when they clearly never paid for it or do not own any means by which that was possible in the first place, however on earth they were famous when they have never paid for it? I have had enough of it too; no more warnings beyond this and one more of it especially concerning links they have with my family where they always get the better of me and they will kick it off in a big way too, which is why I have also put it up here. It is really important they leave me alone and very soon indeed too. When you speak of the enslave or be enslaved thing and the potential widening of the Common Wealth of Nations to accommodate more Muslim Countries, I am clearly a typical example of what can happen if you give them half the chance – I mean I gave no less than half the chance anyway hypothetically as it were and look where it landed me and they are already all over places where people speak of freedom of course, seeking out money and as soon as they have it will tend to believe there isn’t anywhere they are not entitled to go or be. They decide what to do with the choices consumers make around me for a living and want to build entire economies around that with a big mouth, looking for trouble and how can I let them get away with it, so they can continue being successful by using what they know through robbing themselves around my business, when they have wrecked the finances, hence their complain of my strangle hold on democracy about which the violent and attrition version is what I will apply to those who have connections with my parent that helps them get the better of me all the time that they mock me on media and tell me of their revenge because they know where my books are with as well and when it kicks off bearing in mind this is the last warning on the matter, I will not stop too until I crush it completely. My evil mother was married to my Dad, living with the family from outside to inside and letting every idiot into anything they wanted for attention not me and I believe what I have done has expressed the fact I cannot stand the sight of them on a global stage. I need to hear the last of trouble I get into which is associated with work I do which is similar to that of media idiots and they need to stay off my public work and royal property and books to better ensure it does not happen to provoke them as well, or they will get some of mine really soon as I have said enough times so far very soon indeed; I mean social and political power they say and it really sounds like they are playing with me or something; they have no limits and think they are evil and like money and it is the same with their politicians and businesses who together plan their lives around my purse and get off regularly to do jobs that are directly linked with fact using my Royal property and public work and especially the vandalism of my books and that insolent big mouth from a distance all the time.

We hear talk of crisis capitalism and they want me to have a view on that when the reality of it is that what they do with their time, especially the Americans who bring up the stories is get money out of my Royal Property and my Public work and especially get money from my books and then we hear them speak of their fame as well when none of their own property went into creating such a fame and more so for them as it were but most of all, they suddenly put strange behaviour when I talk about my own property or do whatever it is I do with it. I have mentioned endless times contrary to what the hype about people being stuck and there being things I will do to give up things I am holding onto which creates such a situation, that we know money to come to people as a result of employment and we know fame to come to people as a result of spending their own money to buy publicity and when they leave alone my fame and stop talking nonsense about being famous, their problems were supposed to have ended and not to mention the fact as well that the capitalism is not to be found here and I am not expected to tell them where their capitalism is. It is always either my Royal work or my Royal property or my Books and yet they claim they are the ones that are famous but in reality those things they do I have explained to them are very destructive stupidities that involve extracting equities from peoples businesses and companies but they, especially the Americans show no signs of stopping and I have no idea what they think it is that I will stop either, when we do not live in the same life in the first place. What they want from me has more to do with a process where I had so much money to throw around and people could create a spoof around my work and property and make some for themselves and it is supposed to happen when I have such money to throw around and not happen through my privacy i.e. how on earth am I meant to let them get away with it without paying when they have wrecked the finances? So we are clear about the issues; they are not famous and need to get proper jobs if they do not want some of my own as well and get off my public life and my royal property and my books and leave me alone – no such nonsense as such of things I will give up so that things might work properly. They do mention something about social and political power of course and that always makes me feel they are playing with me, which if I talk about, especially with respect to their British friends as well will result in a condition where I have little or no fun out of things, so I am not going to spoil that – all I will say about their social and political power is that they think they have secret societies where they spend a lot of time working out spiritual means of handling and hurting people in order to be successful in life and I know they are aware that mine is bigger than their own and more powerful and more important too and hence they and their girls getting off every day to set out a distance at which to handle my income, such that when I say anything to shut it down, they open it up again and do whatever they like is taking a really big risk – by the way of which that society is gone and the culture is gone and they still have media to play around and make it up with so I might have to do this again and again and again and that will be gone soon enough as well; it is important they get proper jobs and leave me alone. The part about British economic interests of course is a prime issue on the other hand but it gets more of a hype than it should mostly; the reality is that the UK is not the US and there are those British Interests and Manufacturing and Financial people doing their stuff, one more of the American destruction since they never listen if you tell them to work for their own economic recovery and leave the British stuff alone and they will kick it off here as well and I will do them up and make a blog for my websites out of it, especially when it is followed by those really stupid stock market celebrations and those lies they tell people they love their power and my jobs for example is for ‘its mine’ games, while their jobs are there to make them money. With respect to what it will kick off, the fact remains anybody who thinks the US is a white country is deluding themselves and of course the small Islands linked to it are always the measure of what cultural behaviour there is like, whose insults always tend to turn up at Internet Pornography anyway, so I am sure to be well informed in the most stupid manner imaginable; it is important they get jobs and spend their money on publicity to be famous and leave me and all my effects alone if they do not want some of my own too. It is nothing unusual and that is not what I said it was, we all know that what happens with these idiots is that whenever somebody is a hero the entirety of their thoughts turns immediately to how they will put an idiot of their own in public office and join the armed forces to ask questions of how another could be the hero when they are the members of the armed forces and that is how Assad in Syria, Gaddafi in Libya etc are and were kept in office and so I am not bluffing, they really need to get proper jobs and leave my public work alone, one more and they will kick it off here as well. I do not believe anything I say needs to be said from a certain direction or dimension or outside the ear of certain people either; the issues are very clear as it were – they talk of a fight all the time as though a good beating for which the subject matter was that insolent and foolish distant cultural violence that can be shot at absolutely anybody would be a bad thing or that it would be a fight concerning which I would want to lose or settle for a draw. The reality stands for now and the issue is that if I did have to put up with it once or twice a week, my actions against them would run along the same frequency too but I do every second from the television ones to the tramps on the streets and they must feel me for the same number of times every day as well. I mean it is a recession but the only thing some people think about is powers by which they can ensure others work for money and run away from it, when they speak of how people like me always get to have our thing taken up and done for us, it really brings home the fact they have not listened when I have mentioned I am not as square jawed or high flying as they are and hence realise my soul travel stereotype power is bigger and want me to use it and do so frequently as well and so will I. As for the part where I have been forced outside and made to be fundamental while they have moved into my personality to have security from the effects of their stupidities which a moral society makes dangerous bearing in mind they do it for money; I have set out inter heterosexual anal sex is fine and homosexual sex is unacceptable too and my views of it are governed by the fact that they cannot have their anal sex unless they are with my Christian personal life concerning which I think they are bluffing as well and have not got the guts to come around and do it and find out what I will do too – so it applies my position of manipulating society to ensure it is as painful as possible each time they do it will continue. Hence to reiterate their link with parent that help them take advantage of me and the fact the fight over how well I sleep at night when they bear more problems and are more deserving in the family I share with them is not yet over and far from it too. Same old story; they do need to get off my books and my public work and royal property and there will be no problems from then on. I did put it in an easier to understand manner before anyway; I am better when I am happier and normal and they along with their culture freaks of fame and fortune have always maintained they are the same when they are rich and so it continues that when they see Journalism they will get involved and do a job and so we end up with where we are now and it is impossible for an idiot to do a simple job that involves facts that have already been created by the activities of other people without me and hence we still have the same old issues where I am their nightmare in a real world and not just some figurative saying and will get worse for my part as well – you know when I mention that big show is mine and they need to stay away from me and my business as we are not mates and quite far from it too. They do these things because they believe it to be the master plan for riches and fame, which will mean they get hitched with corrupt authority and split the country and use me to make a big show to unite people regularly while their hold on media prevents me from doing the same and it has failed as well spectacularly and globally with nothing left of that stupid big show too. It is not a conversation really and they need to stay out. It does appear when they have the homosexuality it is a measure of how irresponsible they can be while handling other peoples lives and effects, making noise of whom they know that will deal with the extremism and hence it needs to be established whom people know that will deal with them as well – I am not interested in any of it. So in retrospect, do I think doing these things are worth my time, of course not necessarily; the reality is the need to have some fun and enjoy my life and that is why I do it from a Half Priest Chief of staff office where the finances are so wrecked that I cannot live like one – these are very foolish and stupid people who want one thing in life i.e. something existing between other people and them, which ensures they are able to lead and it always has to do with the one where they were the boss as well. So it is not something I control, just a case of loosing my cool regularly and getting after them for it, especially because they mess with my books and get on media to repeat to me things they heard me say and do without actually buying any copy of the books themselves or letting those who want to buy it do so. Of course they have media and make up their version of reality all the time but who cares when it does not change the way they affect me anyway, bearing in mind if I tolerate it and plod on I will be the introvert that has emotional and psychological management and needs to share it with everybody so everybody can be successful as well?  The intellectual property crimes are a different story entirely and so are the threats of violence when they are not the boss – I mean they really do consider themselves to be Nationalists and so on anyway and I have no idea what sense it makes either but it does not imply I will tolerate it anyway and we are supposed to do things with the process of pushing them into politics at the end of which we finish off their finances. Does it then mean I do not do things to wind people up? Of course I do; my job is a job I have already got so it is not in your interest to do the envy freak thing here when you have others that are on the verge of their jobs to do it to, which they know is a trick according to them and that I will deploy my money to help such people and never mind my business. Big deal about my position about HRH The Prince of Wales but he knows he attacks me to get anyway, which the completely unexpected nature of his abuses lead to such reactions which comparatively are considerably toned down.