I have come to the deduction the way it works is to intrude and limit everything they have to a certain size that is always half of everything they acquire. Otherwise I will become too distracted by violent wickedness and call to sex violently and abusively with it, to study, work or look after my family. I will even be to maddeningly distracted to notice a beautiful woman lest my sexual sensibilities are not damaged while they extract sexual sensibilities from me in the course of being distracted since this was somebody else’s life. All of which they will cover up with lies about other things they want to extract from my life as well just and so yes when they have latched on there is no getting them off but before then it is a forceful and violent cry for help that few people can get away from.

It is about their stupid children, how I will be forced to grow up and their mad future and of course extracting intelligence from me for them so they can do well academically. They do this because their lives must be built around barging into mine in order to find out how my faith will not be able to nourish me like it is supposed to because I am scared of them and more so all the time, which they give other names for and their wives therefore cannot stop playing disciplinarian for their sadistic pleasures nor can their thick children. the part that has therefore determined what the country becomes being that the Government deployed an entire Parliament on me to take its eyes off its own proceedings and attack my finances by destroying jobs I create for myself for a decade while keeping me from getting jobs I could get by chance during the same period, having been this was not enough sexual bullying became the order of the day from a distance; parliament media everyday, made to become vicious with instigations that relate to my personal life, thereby making it the basis upon which 21st century politics will operate.

There is future to spend here that should not be spent as it were; for these are supposed to be the children that my children grow up to fear etc etc, hence they are making sure of the existence of their future.