It is suggested of course that I try very hard to be nice to the media, which is utter rubbish too, I don’t. I Just have a Court on the media and they get to handle my going out and coming in as a result of which I am required to keep a state of mind which perpetually suggests they are cheating on me which is not to say anybody can take advantage of it as well. I am not trying to be nice to the most pompous set of idiots that determine what high life they wish to enjoy based on the beauties of another person because they love to play the can of worms of wickedness then figure when they have the same problems as somebody will royal office they get to make him deal with it and cannot even so stay in their own lives either. It is not a problem when I talk about it either;  that is more to do with the fact that they are meant to have shown me off not me showing myself off, hence doing so interferes, however I have to clear up matters of male colleagues that talk above them to determine what happens to me using rumours.

There are no such things as the idea that I have all that power but never make use of it – the books and the sites are not doing those who make such claims any good either.

So does it mean like the Politicians suggest, that I think I can buy a royal commission with my equities and securities? As far as I know for my part like the issue of senior members of the royal family sponsoring deviance that squander my income and tell me no matter what I say they will do what they like anyway with a big mouth, I have bought nothing. The Queen is the patron of my work and has given me a royal commission to do it with and that is all there is about it. Although we have other factors these days as well like politicians and claims I think something about myself whereas another thing is what I really am, which goes on like that all of the time as well as though if I was something else but what I really am there is anything that they really can do about it. So in view of the facts, when I handle them as well there will be any laws on the planet that will stop me from doing so.

They love their claims of course it is a matter of loyalty to the Crown and competition for it of which first of all I don’t know why they think the Queen wants loyalty based on attacking my finances anyway and then of course I have never seen the Queen ask them for that kind of loyalty from where I am sitting either and then there is the part where they say such things as the honours system being unfair when in actual fact from where I am sitting HM The Queen would not mind handing out 2000 honours a day around here, hence it is something different that applies with respect to what they think too. We would rather have full prisons in this country as it were than 2000 honours a day, so it is a wish and we will keep wishing.

The changes to the global economy and spread of separatism around the world is an old matter on the basis of which it should be seen by those who work it that no body is actually carried with respect to it around here either. The fact of it is as usual that these guys are expecting to create a war in which the basis at the end like it was first with the fact that Christians bring about war by stirring their desires which did not end well either and then the fact that human rights mean the right of men to abuse women and women to abuse children did the same as well, this time it will be about the personal life of people like me bringing about war and so I should try to dissuade them because of what I will get up to while they are at the war for my part as well.        

They speak of the British service sector and its ability to lift us out of recession as though I am not aware of it than they are but when they speak of it the idea is that the publicity for British service sector is to be developed along the lines of the prognosis of their Asia pacific connections and this wreak havoc, I mean look at the state of BA for example which they suppose all others but themselves are responsible but it continues in that way and we are always either being blackmailed by them at the economy or those who work in such industries do not want to be told what to do or do as they are told and yet give years ago while at University I spoke of the Global naval community and the first man and second man and third man and it is their insults and media distant insolent fascism that mean I get forced by them to do things that means I will crush all of it. I am not the kind of person people harm to get good things in return and never will be. So of course this will naturally indicate the point at which they have decided that they want to get around sucking up to separatists with their media which is just as well and I do suppose the idiots really need to give me a break as well.

I am not a person people hurt to get good things in return and even when they insinuate that the problem is that I do not express any power to deter people and therefore do what I do to offer a service, the fact it may be a powerful service is not one they wish to be interested in either.

The common wealth issues are not an issue at all, I simply want my Literary Empire to be returned to the way it was when I got it, after all I have reasons in the sense that I have not yet extracted an earnings from it by the way, I want it back the way it was when I got it in 2002. I still remember the day it really took off with a passion i.e. the ladies were reporting news on the economy and far eastern goons, at the time presenting themselves as nice people were seeking access to me by appearing on British Television, so other air lines were in trouble BAA was having a good time in the east hence until they rip the older women they feel like having sex with all the time for satisfaction to pieces, they will never give it a rest and this is what I want returned to the way it was or I will return it my way, if they want to do a beauty once that has been done, they can then keep it really quiet too. Like common wealth trouble makers and ripping the property and the income to pieces and while I am picking the pennies are more interested in talking about how they are my boss with a big mouth. The first time I mentioned it I suppose they would have thought it was a big joke or something.

They like to say that my actions and some of the things I say and do are likely to and can lead to wars but I normally feel so big I have no respect for smaller countries; wars in their dreams of course as it were because when they see equities they just take them and use it and as long as they are dealing with the owners from a distance there is nothing that the owners can do about it; if they took it as a result of or through my work I never did give the permission, I never did sign a contract, if they took it from outside of my work, the sterling does not owe them or any of their stupid business or their National economies the debt that they are laying claims to, so there is no such nonsense as a lack of respect for smaller countries or a war.

The separatists issue is the same as it has always been; all separatists are a bunch of liars but then again it is not that the left wing is right either. I mean why would anybody want to be the kid that people bully until he becomes a bad person that it then punished by the law and on the part of the left wing is the question of why anybody would want to fundamentally exist as the person who wants to see parents punish their kids to make him happy? So when they start the stick me in the middle and I want to stick them as well beginning with the process of making sure everybody have their fights and wars outside of my personal life and outside of the environment of government.

The issue of people claiming to be me on media does not apply either; I mean the reasons somebody would do that is because they have gotten linked to some cultural wickedness and know that if I dispute their insolent claims they will bandy their distant violence at me to do their left wing get rich rubbish and that is where the real question is i.e. if they know that is what they want to do, how do they expect me to react? Its that big mouth all the time as it were and I would like to put it in the same par with the Northern Ireland riots. I will never know why those take place anyway; Christian protestants there never do anything outside of the cultural characteristics of Northern Ireland at any point that these riots actually do take place, so the only reason I must suppose it happens is because of old tensions and it was like that during the second world war as well, old tensions, old tensions and the Nazis are friends while the British are the enemy, which explains why people there behave the way they do bearing in mind all there is to all that rioting and murders is the old tensions thing that comes from a certain very specific devious prognosis of wickedness that likes to want to play violence with everybody about which I always feel there should be no armament given; Political, social, economic; all attention shut down, zip, zero, end the story and then social issues will build up around it until the very acts themselves become a crime all together. They also say in the midst of this that I would say such things but cannot control how much attention people get from me which is utter rubbish as that is more concerned with the things they do on media for their pleasures; reality on the other hand is that prognosis of all I say and do exists as a process of eavesdropping on society before I say anything I say, so they know that I do the things I do to them because they like to tell me communities of Muslims and diverse religion and white people would not want to sit down and listen to me speak in a public place and that this is where their power lies and so they need to get a job either way, hence the idea of excluding me from ownership does not make any sense. The inability to control attention I get from others part is simply a process of trying to understand how impossible exactly it is for me to control attention I give to people, so it really does not bug me. Some say I speak of Northern Ireland because it is easy and Scotland is not whereas in actual fact Scotland is easiest i.e. it is the one that shows most of the tensions around the borders of the UK are created by trouble makers that always fail to realise that these are all one of the same group of people i.e. they seem to be the only ones that cannot see that the only difference between England and the other three is that the English as cosmopolitan but that even down to the process and attitude of empathy towards another person or even charity they are the exactly the same group of people. So that when somebody says I don’t like you because you are cosmopolitan and modern and another says I don’t like you because you are jacobite and a bush man, the last people to actually note that at the bottom this is what they are saying to each other is the trouble makers that make their rubbish public and political all the time. Its the same with Northern Ireland and Wales; where the only difference between Wales and the rest of the UK is that it is the most Political beeline place in the UK and northern Ireland happens to be the most Politically active; I mean the UK does politics but Northern Ireland is in another league all together.

As for left wing people and the problems they create, I do not feel that they are a difficult matter for me to handle as such for my part; I mean we are here four years after I wrote books about the matters talking about left wing activities involving service to business idiots that wish to ensure they live in mansions while everybody else lives in slums and how this creates separatists and yet they are still holding out on the sale of my books talking rubbish as well. They can get the Labour Party if they want, I will only end up writing another book as it were and the idea I will never sell them will soon become a crucible in itself because I will either raise funds to do the books like normal people do or I will draw a line so deep and so obvious that their actions will bear down on my business as publicity. Left wing noughts obviously – apparently they are doing my stuff for me, making sure that I am doing violence while they have it easy and that their stupid children are getting into my life to seek out the easier causes to be involved with. Left wing noughts with a hot searing dot in the middle; before we know it I will have been stealing the beauties of their stupid mothers and I will never know if the purpose of that is a process where they are being helpful or planning to me, all I am certain of is that separatists are rising; I do wonder if they are – bloody clowns.

They like to think of themselves as a threat to others but are really not; obviously it is the state of affairs required for their distant violence and they want it all the time as well looking for trouble endlessly. In actual fact each time you do your third party communist relations, to them it is either you are there to serve them or that you are making communist countries more democratic or there to steal their turf. The security issue around how I give away facts about myself and how I do my stuff is not really the way most people around me think it is. The truth is that of three things I must secure; one is locality for my books so I can do advertisement for them and that always means that I need to ensure that community idiots who think I can get things done get a job or I determine who gets to rest and who does not in this country, the other has to do with looking after the fans and that always means that I must act to ensure they engage with me which means a logger heads with media who make out what I do when the first page of this site states I am a writer who is a royal prince is a service to others who by my books in return, then the last has to do with selling the books to the masses which gets me into logger heads with ageist squandering. Of course once I had finished things like this, it is gone already by left wing squander who touch my property like it belongs to no body or there is nothing I can do about it, I always say its fine as long as Politicians continue to make out it is a good thing; since I was under the impression it is one thing if they touch and squander you income because you go out and get involved with them and quite another if they force their way into your life to do it and so I must conclude they want a condition to arise where they get seriously hurt over a matter in which the subject content was security – until then I do not believe it will ever stop being funny to them and they will ever stop showing their stupid anger at me as well.

Now for the idea Inever pay attention to black people, there is no attention to be paid. I always think of the idiots as black scum because there is not a second that goes by in which I am not being bullied by them due to their wickedness. I know the white ones do it because they are acting against a part of society that punishes those who think about evil deeps and high crimes in the vien of stopping them from hurting themselves in such ways but why on earth do you suppose black people do it as well? There is not one of them in this country with considerable means, who has not been playing the racist card to acquire it, especially the football village and transfer window goons, just like the excuses they make as to why I should temporay to permanently loose any respect for my humanity that there is in this world and so when they see me with my stuff I am always threatening their big mouth because of their secretes and cultural powers that bring riches - they have no shame and I do not know why they want my attention anyway when they are squirmish about what they will find. The ones in the US are just as well too; I have not yet gotten off making the lives of their insolent women really difficult by the way its not as if they will leave them and marry somebody else anyway, they are in a place where they have no choice but have sex with it, so when they start I suppose they have done their home work very well too. I really find it difficult to tolerate any rubbish from them and thus do not enjoy paying their stupidities tany attention, stupidities hat brings them failure and they ensure they get around with me whether I like it or not to bring me failure as well while saving their stupid jobs for money to buy food and other essentials. I suppose at this point there are so many lies people are confused about stupidities and the prognosis of failure all together while they are confident I will suffer intensely and it will be sorted out through Politics - so I say no more. Not all black people are like that and I am certainly not like them, they have failed in everything imaginable and I will not do myself down because of their insolent state of affairs they suppose applies to everybody nor will they make away with my property, unless they had found an alternative planet to live in. My personal view is that they do it and tell their lies they find funny to those they do it to; I know how to oppress people too, even though I do not know how to do it by being really stupid.