Today it is said the main problem I have created appears to be that I involve myself with what does not concern me, which has no basis on reality – the truth of the matter is that people ought to show up here to buy the Books they have seen, the bits they have seen which they have claimed does not make sense, is a waste of space or as a Literary work is dissatisfactory - which would mean they wanted to read all of it not build publicity about the dissatsfactory work that they did not create, what they prefer to do is teach me a lesson by doing the job that I should have been doing and these stories about what I interfere with is not helping their cause with respect to how they complain about me endlessly, everybody knows it is not what they are paid to do. At the Monarchy I only needed to provide a very small amount of support which I have been doing for over a decade and a half but we have seen their obsession with wrecking everything I own to make sense of how they did not get the opportunity to be me take precedence over every matter around here all the time, looking for as much trouble as they can find. Thus if its not claims I interfere with what does not concern me, they are busy stifling my Book sales until they had deployed my Public image to make good their own Public image which will help them look after a bad history that when revealed will rob them of a 5 to 7 figure salary and I have been putting up with this nonsense for the last five years right after the history of insults facilitated by Mr Obama the ex US President to provide them the means through which they could by media ensure that my career was a plaything for their civil rights fools. It would not have been the first time either as this sort of behaviour had already been exhibited with respect to my religious faith and academic work at this stage – in terms of the religion which is largely a matter of how I would become such a fan of their possessions that I spend all my time living their dreams and giving up what I had while I got threatened for it, considering the religion is practiced in their own personal life in the first place to say the least, then the academic work will be the one where I needed to drop out of University because they had a desire that had to be fulfilled in the sense that I was so persecuted and abused by them that I could respond to the mental illness of what passes on their left and right hand side, thereby creating an outcome that meant they had what I had and with their money became superior like they have always tried to convince their stupid selves that they were, never mind the foolish celebrities who complain all the time, getting in league with those who are in love with modernism and always want to tell others how to exist, right down to the Monarchy, having become busy with nothing else over the years, save making sure that I was always getting bullied and beaten down by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – none of which is actually likely to happen for the most part as we all know that there are people who do not get along well with Modernism at the Monarchy but they are the ones that are never really satisfied with how others have chosen to live all together as far back as we can remember it. Its an old story about gangs and idiots gathering all over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because the Duchess hails in origin from parts of Black civilisations where people largely spend their whole lives seeking social corruption and get rich quick conveniences, this then tends to make them with respect to a personality I have that others can deploy to make popular culture and get rich quick while others can bully into dealing with problems that slow them down once their community croons had already done enough abuses, the reality of which is that they have their gangs but I hail from Nigeria as well and there they do not have gangs, they have secret cults, which means that the  University environment is one of the most deadly experiences any human being could ever go through – now they say I have not made it easy for me and the fact they want to punish me for their problems all the time due to the no nonsense and abusive traders some white people have gone off to bring into the Country to beat them down at the shops as well, I wish to ensure they had not showed up here to create circumstances that get people thinking they would be better off taking up what my disposition was as there is money involved. It’s the stupidities being worthy to walk this earth more than others all the time, talking nonsense about being civilised but the business of showing up here to seek get rich quick conveniences that involves creating a gap between me and my career and using it to ensure all the years of work and experience do not count, what I have been raised to know all my life does not matter, like an idea the Nazis had failed to invent, which if I hurt the younger ones for it, would mean I attack people who were braver than I am but hurt the older ones would mean I attack things that are too big for me with a big mouth, is apparently very civilised. My point being more so that I live in the UK and these stupidities are the Public control problems we have got and they might want to make it easy for them too by keeping off my Book sales and ending all that nonsense they invent about how their problems get solved if they handle and threaten me. Apart from which its mostly a matter of people coming up with ideas of how to nudge me out of my door all the time and therefore need to get me forgiving every damage they will do to my career as this is how they get to enjoy their own sense of comfort and homeliness bearing in mind the abuses and insults and attacks that their community croons levy on people to support them on their wrecking peoples academic work and finances to get rich first gimmicks that makes sense of how all the other practical jokes are to make them very rich thereof – we then find that for each challenge they face at Industry leadership is broken up between them and other top employees, while leadership is broken up between the top employees and consumers, meaning hell for any person with a short term investment and a savings, meaning they ruin us all to look after their bums, will not keep its CEO hands off me like it is looking for a response all the time, talking nonsense about an alliance with the Duke of Sussex.

Its much the same as this story I have problems that will never go away while the real issue is that there is no need to educate journalists about running off their media career on Publicity I have built for my Books, then setting off to build their own version of my derivatives, such that with their media the Celebrities may get rich on my stead doing some advertisement; it feeds into the story that I think everything that happens is all about me while reality is that they said I was a character they would bully and cause great suffering that facilitates happiness people need to enjoy in order to be rich and famous on account an economic crisis had occurred no thanks to their type and I had decided to show them what it is exactly their stupidities are playing around with, leaving myself the responsibility of keeping an eye on it and showing regularly that it is a squeezing balloons situation where we touch on one side and the problem ends up on the other situation that we are talking about with respect to what their stupidities believe is a subject for more abusive practical jokes and so they now are aware that they might want to do the same if they want to earn their advertisement contracts without bothering me, keep an eye on it and deal with the issues that come along as it comes along and then perhaps they might just end up being a character others want to bully in order to be happy enough for the purpose of selling things and getting rich fast like their big mouths suggest. So, there is no problem here that will not go away if I pushed hard enough. They always say that they need to run off their concerns on Publicity I have built for my Books because they would lose their minds if they didn’t but as I mentioned – it does not mean they need an education about running off media job that they are already for on publicity I have built for Books on which my income depends nor is there need for one where building their own version of my asset derivatives allows their celebrities to get on their media jobs and secure advertisement contracts ripping up everything around here and making it impossible to ascertain what the economy is really doing with itself, as stupidly as possible. It is not a problem that will never go away – we have seen this endlessly; they claim they tackle me all the time because I support some things that some women do but we all know that people respond to their stupidities differently, while I am perversely loved for letting it run right up to the stage where they have nothing left to say, most people who respond to it hands on are usually female – the ‘you think I will not punish the consequences of your stupidities irrespective of how much you have exhibited and how much work I have to do thereof’ characters; so we find if one of those walked down the streets getting some fresh air, it will drive its car right next to her and them move off as insultingly as possible and I will be wondering what is wrong with the picture but the next time I see him, he will have been employing some criminals in the neighbourhood and finding he cannot keep his mouth shut about my career and person until it becomes a subject for the practical jokes of civil rights idiots, then stand up somewhere blowing off a big mouth that stifles my Book sales even further on grounds it had won a victory while I have not yet put its stupid career in the same position by coming up with insults on media that civil rights goons may run with – so it needs be pointed out I have allowed them wrought what they have done here to show that I support what these women do to them; they speak of how the whole thing works in the USA all the time, while we all know that its Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, so somebody always wants to creep under their skin and ensure some bear bating happened because they energy they give off is enjoyable, leaving it to become obsessed with what true bravery and courage was, blabbing in Public places for it all the time – it’s the way it works in the US because they are unable to keep their hands to themselves – never really problem for me that will never go away then, if I know that.

The other story that I think everybody and the State is indebted to me is one that is completely laughable naturally; reality which is that of the fact they show up here to pick up my equity property and invest it without my consent, fail to buy the Books no matter how much money they have and lament their lack of commitment as payment for handling my work as a tool by which to get rich selling things to rich idiots who believe they can behave anyway they like and secure an exit for the consequences of their behaviour through my public image, to hang around a sense of superiority they have built from it and set a stage that suggests they can do whatever they liked with me and if I did anything unusual will only end up with a condition whereby they walked away with what they have taken, something they have now found via what I have done on social media is that which they really cannot do. We find that this feeds into the other group of celebrity villains who are really lawless people in fine clothes sitting around somewhere to expect another person’s best made plans for living being deployed to serve them and perpetually working so hard to tell me how to exist when black or working so hard to convince me they were famous when not of the same race as me. They do not need an education on how this affects my finances – I therefore do not have a problem that will never go away. Yes they have mentioned it is linked with the EU and I understand as well, since it is also largely a case of the sorts of stupidities we see at the Film Industries as well; where people pick up and patent my life to their names through films, then leave it for their marketing businesses and patent enforcers and show up to taunt me all the time about how I am going to recover it like the devil who thinks his civil rights looks like that; such that when it then starts to play into the business of how security services gather their intelligence for the work they do and how the Publicity interests of the British State is my prime concern and blows over on how they will never get an exit from me for their bad behaviour and am only interested in whether or not they have bought a Book from this place which needs be delivered to their addresses, then it becomes obvious how stupid the film making industry really is, offering up the opportunity for me to build my own Publicity while allowing others who actually want to continue with their film making business to proceed as it were. I mean I do wonder what people think of it anyway; that there is probability when it shows up to stifle my Book sales until it had deployed my Public image to build itself a good reputation that will help it preserve a job which puts it out of my league all the time, the reality is that we have not yet ended up with some Al-Capone characters? Thus whilst I am concerned with these sorts of things, I do not believe the idea the state is indebted to me makes sense – but then again in the same way I share these problems with the goons who just run off this ideas on media for some profitable practical joke; hence unless people are some government operative from the Monarchy who are testing me to ensure I am not a threat to the state by trying to work out whether I believe myself to be in such a position as all others are indebted to me, this sort of nonsense is that which they cannot justify but we all know when I say such things the other busy body twerps, especially the females will be entitled to some money at my expense using media insults again, hence based on evidence, they are not. The business of deciding what my concerns are and how seeing me in the same condition they saw me a decade earlier annoys them, which means it goes beyond their parents insulting and abusing people to support them while they get rich quick wrecking peoples property and becomes more of a matter of how they will now enjoy a sense of being at home, having some fraternity with land and Country now that they have money by nudging me out of my door all the time, and becomes a case of deciding when I am to make money which wastes everything I do in terms of the financial aspects unless I am actually seen talking about making money, is starting to become a real problem for them and their Public transportation gits as well for it all together. I have made myself clear about how these stupidities affect me and how they always think they were right and somebody that looked like me had hurt them and how I need to pay, likewise, I think they need keep away from my Books and Public image and watch the stupid threats, lest I save it until we had met too.

I am said to be afraid of Muslims and hence never mention that they were responsible for most of my problems which is utter nonsense – it’s the old case of not getting involved when Muslims are fighting racists because it’s a two groups of people that never get it and never listen; we see it all the time, Muslims and Indians are most prolific for passing around racial insults at black people because they think that they are a civilisation that is closer to the superior white ones but the Muslims lay particular emphasis on the skin colour being lighter the more superior you are which puts them firmly in the middle of a conundrum where Jews had lighter than they did, making Jews the next most superior race after white people. It does not stop there of course, the insults never stop, it lives in my anus basically, I am sore all over all day long, then it makes a case of my diet, builds a community of goons with ideas about what to do to me, spend time churning my tummy, then picks up my public image to go off to the City and make money pleasing rich people, once it realises I may want to stop it, it starts off a story that will ensure the idea I am a bum sticks to me, a story which suggests I am still in the same place I was years after people saw me in such a position in life, which annoys progressive people, yet anything I do to resolve what has become their problem that I am living a stagnant existence, is faced with another campaign to ensure my whole life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities and I could never get it back. So this story is eventually some of the greatest achievements of the Obama Administration and it seems that Communist allies in Saudi Arabia now own the wealthiest company in the world because of it, which is why these goons usually tell me I do not stand a chance while the last time they were very tough and women could beat me up while I thought I could deny them what they wanted, leaving the stupid women the means to search my person and soul all day for a personality that great men of society that can do violence for everybody especially women should be having, thus wrecking everything around here, the result was that they were never ever going to be pushing off that stupid popular culture from the US to Japan across this hermitage again and could acquire my personality that way as well, hence they are doing very well. The Black Americans will then say it’s a matter of how much I underestimate the way people hate the alliance I have forged with the Royal Family while their case is largely a matter of constantly making me breathless by putting up their silly children on Political display so they might suckle the personality of some broke kid with a good reputation, the part where there are more superior people for the Royal Family to get involved with in the black race if respect and equality was what they sought and this has not ended well obviously, the new complaint it seems is about the fact that what is beyond their spheres of control is apparently the choice of whom the Royal family gets involved with all together. They have done this and labelled themselves my brothers and sister and parents to a point where my person and all I own exists in a condition where I am prone to all kinds of criminal activity and do not have a defence against any and the fact that their involvement with people wrecks the academic work has not yet proven to them that they are an incredibly stupid people. The main case has always been like it is now i.e. I may wait for ever if I wanted, wait for them to give me a break by showing their superiority based on putting up some 40% effort towards what they wanted to achieve bearing in mind they have got boundless energy and are never affected by the fact that criminals are doing crime and getting punished in the neighbourhoods all the time on account the criminal activities are likely in their interest, performed by their extended family all together, I may wait for them to spend that energy working towards what they have claimed they wanted and the day that such thing happened instead of taking a piece of me and assuming the foolish right to become so familiar as to finger my bum and make a statement about owning me with a big mouth will never come, the one that does every time is that this nonsense is what their fucking civil rights looks like; as for the insults, they have lost enough money since last the business of making sure I do not shut out their madness by completing the academic work which will help to dispute the fact nobody here is their kid on whom their stupid future depends but it is not yet a deterrence that they have so far, as far as they are concerned. The outcome of course is that each time I pay attention to Royal Concerns, I may end up saying or doing something, they will end up mocking me and rolling their eyes and this will be what their new civil rights was, it will secure all sorts of stupid convenience at my expense and come up with a clever bullying that people cannot tell off, to ensure they kept it going and I do not believe they realise I think they are not important people and do not matter, are completely irrelevant just yet, what happens then being that they believe they control me which tends to explain how far I am willing to go as well i.e. whenever these guys cannot make money from popular culture, we are able to tell what the economy is doing, able to get around with senior members of family, able to decide what family financial base should be used for, able to live in a place called Country – due to my Public service Office, although I would want to put a distance between me and them, I rather prefer finding a use for that energy of theirs first of all, what is what we have ended up with, the theory I am afraid of them is farfetched; the gangs are very disobedient people that urinate on my front door in the morning everyday sort of characters that are difficult to keep the hands away from and the industry idiots are just the same thing, except their own is about telling me what to do and making my life toxic on social media about which they complain endlessly each time I live up to the warning that I will get them in the real world and there is a resulting kind of sex women have whenever an insult has been tolerated etc, everything else that makes them violent is something they have added on to continue these behaviour and if I became very determined, it would not be as much of a danger to me as they have made out it will likely be at all times. There is no such thing as being afraid of them; make a mess of my diet, build a community scum with ideas about what to do to me, run off with my public image to please rich people and make money by on account you believe you had convinced me of the right to do so on because you were very important and return to ensure my whole life and work ended up in the hands of stupid celebrities and could never be recovered, is not necessarily something that earns fear, it makes people angry and I am sure they would prefer their stupidities keeping away from my Books to me talking about it like this.

I do get told that I talk about equity all the time and how people damage mine but that Celebrity business is equity as well but it is not my type of equity; mine is about building creative systems and each time the process is completed it has gone through an immense amount of resources, what I am then given in payment by the companies is a little bit of Publicity for each time they put out the products about which I maintain a Public image to keep an eye on – what then happens is that Celebrities make money making a crowd happy wrecking first of all, then they tackle my finances and deploy the money to buy shares in companies which operations their stupidities know nothing about, so they might keep an eye on me – the outcome being that their culture and society goons chase my bum because they have adopted a disposition that suggests they are my employers and I will crush their Celebrity culture so these idiots have nothing to chase my bum by, which is how we ended up where we are – it beats my imagination that they are unaware this is what is happening while they get wild on my financial wellbeing like feral children, blabbing nonsense every time they believe their stupid selves to have done some lasting damage. So what I want to do is ensure when this is over they were able to control whatever they wanted when they veer off a corner they cannot control and drop down to poverty and destitution to give me some space in the process; after all, what happened in their case is that a goon manufactured them into fame because they had a problem with another person’s possession, they had coveted something as usual, claiming it was a wealth and social inequality issues – we know that what happens when people are Celebrities is that they carry out some social and cultural responsibility and at a stage where they have completed their own rounds and repeating will endanger somebody else, it looks a good idea to start thinking about getting some public credence for the purpose of making people happy and not everybody that has achieved this wants to be famous, in the same way that most people who want to be famous always start their careers of campaigning against the many faces of bullying – these twerps are where they are because a group of fools have manufactured them into fame in order to make trouble for the general Public and cannot stop targeting me with it, so I am doing this because plan number one where they had money, will not stop picking on women and employing criminals in my neighbourhood, meant they spent the stupid money making these idiots they make famous at other peoples expense very rich, plan number two is now is place because it looks like they had run out of money and are starting to think about spending mine, which is what this is all about. All very well suggesting there is nothing I can do but we all know their local community croons ensure I smell all the time with insults and violent abusive familiarity facilitated distant sex while they run away with my Public image to get rich by and although their stupidities are aware that if I showed up in Public and it was one of those times I had not stitched it up together properly, it was a situation caused by their family members, nobody can tell off cracked up out of my league scum a problem with my body type that can be used as shield for problems not to make a case out of it as if they were ignorant of the fact their own fucking family members were responsible since it was not how I was raised as a whole – they never stop the threats looking for a response which they are now getting as well; for the CEOs, any slight challenge to the jobs they got by their stupid tribalism raids and they will ruin us all to look after their bums, looking for a junkies making money persecuting Royalty response. Its pretty much the same as when we see them completely drunk with those stupidities especially when they come from the middle east and have lived in a world where they dominate women all the time, dreaming of somebody beating up or killing a woman to make them happy enough to sell things and get rich and cannot stop showing up here to build publicity for the perversion of my person and work, make up the reasons for it as they go along, as stupidly as possible. The blacks say what Liberal America has done with the international responsibility of their Country was done to facilitate a process where I had as much problems as I wanted since I had decided to become problem solver and if they tell me I will be rectifying the effects of their stupidities, that nonsense about what I know being swallowed down to my tummy to make a bad smell because they are deploying it to get rich either way, will give way to outcome where they find out what I am made of as well and solving the problem while I supervise their stupidities will easily become the least of their stupid worries; I shall not sell my Books or complete my academic work in their stupid view, talking nonsense about me being their kid on whom their foolish future depends all the time for the last decade so far and I know exactly how I am going to get it done for my part as well as it were. At this point I had decided they would have no involvement with products built from Equity broker at my Trust system except when they were buying and if their peoples equity involves hanging around here to end up with bits of my work in the mind which they taunt me with either way, there will be fresh trouble - does need to get a proper job and its never getting an exit out of me.