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I am said to have completely regretted the involvement with the Monarchy at this stage which is not the case – the truth of the rackets we see on Media about Royals complaining of the Monarchy is that the issues that may lead to those bad results are always foreseeable but ignored over a long period of time. In my case however, there is me and there is a version of me that engages in those kinds of issues and then set about ignoring them for a certain period, so I suppose that when they bring up ideas on regret for instance, they must have calculated that it was a good time to find out if they were due to reap the rewards of their hard work. For instance, I am a Royal Hermit but if provoked well enough like they have, I will put on the Arch Prince persona and we will hear them complain on a global stage, such that we see I must try to avoid using my personal life to punish people to such an extent they became too old to get married and settle, people took pictures and splashed out on the internet, if I wanted to get married and settle down myself but I do not suppose I am obliged to marry and settle down with people I think are essentially really stupid and enjoy few forms of fun as much as they enjoy blocking my financial well being and personal relationship for no reason and did not fancy second opinions. So we see that I am a virgin at 40 and there are talks of me having a bad relationship towards women which cannot be substantiated but if I got rid of the abuses, humiliation and insults, at the end of which they were unable to take out the trash that was too big for them, I would appear to be a pure unblemished thing that their stupidities could take advantage of to make the most of the consequences of the personal decisions that they made, in the evil world they created and lived in.


They do make this claim that my State provided security which had nothing to do with them, had become an instrument of tyranny, so I suppose what has been achieved here is that state provided security was now protecting me from certain Politicians. It is the same when they claim their main problem is that they had gone on to fight my wars, which they believe I think is a failure on my part, such that I would then have had to make sense of alternative solutions to a process where I was involved in public service, and they knew that they could get to me each time their school experiences caused an itch. The one that gets to me the most being those stupidities about how this is all too little too late, while we really needed to know where it is set to stop with respect to me picking up a bad neighbourhood to write Books, such that if I moved off to live somewhere else, I am likely to set up an Office there because I need to be in such an environment to write the Books I write, and they set about making the most of what will become of their conveniences if their stupidities and that of their foolish Celebrities turned it on me, to hang about complaining endlessly every day. As for the insults and abuses of the low lives, we know that they could ensure the white daddies that will make the most of it on a Media bubble sorted it out but they rather preferred sucking up to white daddy and I am not doing anything about it either, so the idiots are out there with ideas they were the kinds of characters and personalities they get imagination up peoples bums to pick up their careers where they left off. The story about them sorting it out when their Politicians and Celebrities are affected like so being that I will be attacked in the process as well and I think they are bluffing.

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They do claim there is never a positive thing about me which I understand entirely, as it had been the bane of existence for a handful of government Office, Media and Celebrity corruption, that my finances were trashed and I was put through enough suffering to change my social standing, eventually allowing people to peddle my personality and public image for money, so positive is when I spend most of my time on my career and academic pursuits, if the gits and their government Office idiots have had it for 15 years and counting. The processes of showering me with insults are clearly meant to operate on a provisional basis, in case somebody wants to handle me for money making reasons, so not only do they think I am unable to bash their careers and pick up all they did to recover as tools for self-improvement which is the real reason they hurry up to pass exams and get a job, while clinging to a life I planned to ensure the women did the finances, so I may avoid divorce – I need not be asked if they are they raise the roof on wealth and social inequality every day, it appears I am set to make my own contributions to it as such, never have we seen them follow procedure on anything, so it is always possible to say a group of people had money somewhere while it was okay for others to drop out of school and facilitate the use of their personality to help them share it. On the positive note, positive was when I was no longer forced through a bunch of popularity idiots who knew where my Books were located and Media media presence to ensure my career did not mean anything to anybody when I denied them what they wanted from it, carrying on after the mess they made of my University studies, jobs market venture and of course now my Bookshop, none knows why they tell lies when they know its all about consuming me like an item and none knows why they complain. Still the same story mostly - clings to a life I planned so the wife will do the finances, wrecks my Bookshop and clings to it to damage my health until its stupidities got rich and now it is building a crowd that will ensure my Bookshop was not successful because I had devised a way to run it which meant that it was easy to ask them to get involved with a fight, hence all figured out and none knows why they complain.
They do claim that they loved to see me suffer and yes they do but we only tend to talk about it when they complain that the part I played with Public, civil and National service meant that others picked up the effects when facing National level enemies on the field. Aside from this, I have always known about it and the Boys have always gotten off on an angle about me supporting women on the basis of the pain I felt as though it was the way they felt their own, so I have never stopped doing so either and do not want to be part of what the boys got to up in any case, hence I had an isolated existence to show for it, with a personality they could use for become successful at the Market place but then again it is probably true that we always reap what we sow, no matter how modern we got.

They do get on to suggest I am running away from my duties which is utter rubbish - what happens is that everything is working like it should from the women society matters, culture, media, sport, male society issues, the main problem is our resident Government work Genius from Wales who ensures that people had a hard time and will not stop building the world of men that facilitated a bunch of idiots believing if they did things to me that had never before been done, they would avert the consequences of their misdeeds, while he constantly looks as if I am meant to suffer the consequences when they perform the counterproductive gimmicks on him because they ended up in prison at some stage in their stupid lives, never mind the violent lasciviousness crowd built to decide how my personality is to be used. I guess it is another milestone on the support system for their gimmicks where I am concerned on the question. On the Business of using their career for a different thing that tickles me, the parents did raise them very badly and they were incredibly entitled, I am always in danger of losing something important because they owned some expensive items with a big mouth. They have not given me a difficult time in anyway as claimed, just physical violence damaging my health, which is set to ensure I made a list of big stick abuses that helped to beat their problems into my life so that they might indirectly get me to serve them with my beautiful personality as they love to put it and once I do, most of our time will be spent ticking off which lists had been fulfilled so it might be easy as such for everybody - beyond this, what happens is that a character who appears to be good at linking up Truck Drivers with Celebrities saw me naked and it fed into a group of idiots who get imagination up peoples bums to pick up their careers where they left off or at least they claimed to be such characters but the main problem was that they offered Celebrities my Public image and social life, so they got the backing of Hollywood, I then decided I did not want to see Hollywood involved in my concerns any longer and Hollywood decided it was not my decision to make with a big mouth, so I have had a need to get away with another notorious reputation.

It has always been about making a case of expensive items industry gits have bought for them, to influence people into parting with money instead of working for it, this meant the most profitable was the business of helping the public to access the lives of public figures, piled it high and sold it cheap a show business product they did not need to do work to sell and tell me that my public image was not my decision to make because their stupidities were famous. I believe I will need some time to develop this process, a matter of weeks perhaps. Something I must do about the ways I can cause these people the most suffering due to their need to handle my person, career, and finances. I know the society gits have more civil living which I can spend for each involvement with any of my concerns especially my studies in any form it might take, it also feeds into the Celebrities who claim that I was setting up a process of abusing them to secure investment patronage which was discriminative because they wanted to sell show business products to the masses on my Public image, so even if I do come up with something like that as a counter for the destruction of my studies to get people putting up small business on my public image, I will need to exclude Celebrities for this betrayal. I know that those American led gimmicks on equality have come too far, and their tribalism-based insults run off on ideas about whom they were superior to, is set to develop into an outcome where I expressed painfully where I stood on the conveniences as well. I need to develop something for everybody, 8 weeks is an overestimation, year date 19/7/2021, at this point. Eventually it leads through to the actions of the Prince of Wales who claims I want to be the centre of attention but does not like the way they want to see how far they can put their imagination finger up the bum, to avoid the consequences of their misdeeds, he likes only the flattery and somebody is not paying my Bills, if they preferred to continue on the wrong path after staying on it for so long.

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